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Wedding Favors

As you prepare for your big day, the reception is a wonderful prospect. While your ceremony is all about formality, the reception is your opportunity to express yourself individually and as a couple. Table favors are an integral part of this, and as you explore the pages of favors at, you’re going to love the variety and quality. We offer a huge selection of elegant wedding favors, perfect for a more formal and fancy decorative theme. Whether you love delicate votive containers, exquisite pewter figurines or specially printed packaging, our elegant wedding favors fit your needs! If you’re looking for ideas for DIY wedding favors, you'll find many components for creating your own custom wedding reception decor.

Our DIY wedding favors also work well as engagement party favors or bridal shower favors. You can track down trinkets that capture a special sentiment as you make the announcement, using these engagement party favors to commemorate the event. Bridal shower favors can work beautifully as prizes for those participating in games and activities at your pre-wedding celebration.


Our Baby Favors Site

Elegant Gift Gallery is proud to announce the launch of our new website dedicated exclusively to baby favors. Please click to enter!